About ChipotleFeedback

After enjoying dishes at chipotle grill Inc., how do you show your appreciation? By taking the guest satisfaction survey name ChipotleFeedback. It is a set of questions preset for customers to give their feedback about how their visit to chipotle.  The review is available at www.chipotlefeedback.com.


The restaurant appreciates customers who walk to dine at their premises. They love the fact that despite having many restaurants in the industry, you take time to have a bite of what they have on the menu. The guest satisfaction survey is a way of letting them know what they should continue doing and what should change.

Chipotles want to know better. They want customers’ points of view when it comes to the quality of the food they serve, the conduct of their workers, cleanliness of the premises, ease of access, and above all, how you rate their food and services. What do you get in return?


Chipotles have a unique way of saying thank you. Each time you take time to fill in the survey questions, chipotles give you a chance of winning $320 burrito bags or free chipotle food for a year. No that sounds good. Imagine having chipotle delicious menu items for a year? What is the use of the survey?

This survey process provides a bunch of questionnaires to its customers to rate and answer. You will be free to share your honest feedback whether it is positive or not. The topics are on-

  • The quality and taste of the ordered food
  • Price of the food
  • Availability of the food
  • Staff’s behavior
  • Speed of the service
  • Cleanliness and hygiene of the restaurant
  • Interior ambiance
  • Any trouble or problem during the visit

After completing this survey session, you will get an opportunity to win amazing survey rewards at the end.