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ChipotleFeedback – About Chipotle

The restaurant was founded in 1993 by Steve Ell in Denver, Colorado. This happens after acquiring cooking knowledge at a cooking school and gaining work experience after a while. He always wanted to open a great restaurant here. He was able to impress people with his skills.

In 1993, his father granted her a loan of $ 85,000. His vision was to sell 107 burritos in one day to run his business. To his surprise, he sold over 1,000 burritos a day in the first few weeks and the business has been a success ever since.

The hidden meaning of the name Chipotle is a Nahuatl / Mexican name for the dried and smoked jalapeño pepper. The restaurant has more than 2,400 non-franchised restaurants. It is the founder’s decision to assume full ownership of the company, despite the fact that he has since left active management.

Did you know that the restaurant uses over 97,000 pounds of avocado every day? It is an ingredient that the restaurant uses to prepare most of its dishes. They make delicious burritos, salsas, and tacos. They also have a variety of other Mexican dishes that you can enjoy at their facilities. How do you rate what they serve?